People always have a misleading perspective that investments need a huge load of cash to be successful in its return. Today, I have brought a different view to prove it wrong. Here are different ways to launch a change in your financial situation with a few wards of cash if taken seriously. If doing business is on your cards then you can opt for short term loans or investments from big time invertors.


Betterment is a firm that registers online investment with no minimum amount of money set for investment. Betterment is a firm that brokers your way to make money online by allowing you to choose the best company to invest in. This makes it an ideal place to begin investing with a small amount of money as little as $100.

All you need to do is pay from as little as $100 every month to your account.

Bank investments

Banks are a very safe way of investing your money. Frankly, you may not be able to earn much returns by investing in a bank. However banks offers the merit of investing in the money market account allowing you to earn some interest in the money.

Even as you earn your interest your principal amount is absolutely at no risk of loss.

M1 finance

This is a firm providing more similar services to Betterment. M1 Finance offers you the opportunity to invest wherever you wish and also brokers stocks for its customers for free.

Additionally, M1 Finance allows you to buy shares in a fraction. This suggests that if Microsoft stock is being sold at $300 a share, and you do not have the $300, but instead you have $50, you can purchase a $50 of Microsoft stock and own 16.67% of a share.


This is an online firm that enables people to invest their money in real estate. Fundrise ensures that investors share in the profits made by the real estate developments but do not necessarily make them owners of real estate properties.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan.

For those employed, an agreement with your employer to set up a payroll deduction from your salary to a retirement plan can be a way to save up for great amounts to capital. This can be achieved by allocating a certain percentage of your salary to be saved up in the retirement plan. With this money that has been saved up, you can invest in a profitable venture of your choice.

Treasury Securities.

Buying treasury securities is a sure bet for someone who wants to invest with little money. The government protects the principle amount invested preventing it’s loss. When you venture in a treasury security, expect a certain amount of interest after the expiry of the agreed date. Treasury security are available to the public from as low as $100.

Dividends Reinvestment Plan.

This is commonly known as DRIPS. This kind of plan grants it’s investors the opportunity to buy stocks of companies with very small amounts of money. These stocks in return pay dividends to the investors. When you have invested with DRIPS and your dividends are earned, the money can automatically be used to repurchase more of the company’s stock.

Online brokerage firms

An online brokerage firm enables people with money to selectively choose from a wider variety of investments choices provided by the firms.

Opening an account with a brokerage firm is easy and affordable as you can do so with money as little as $1000.

Your own business

Investing in other people may be mind troubling as people are untrustworthy these days. So why don’t you invest in your own business?

For instance,if you spend a few dollars on buying yourself a good car washing machine that you can use to get more money.

To conclude there are many ways to make money if only you are smart and willing enough to consider one of these ways



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