Beilin is incapable of uttering one statement: I was wrong. Forever rationalizing the Palestinians, he blames the anarchy in the PA on Israel.

A Mati Kaspi skit “Morris and the Doves” ends with the punch line by Tova: “So why do people say that doves bring peace?” Every time I hear Yossi Beilin, I repeatedly ask myself this question. After one thousand casualties of this war, the time has come to strip the “man of peace” halo from the architect of the Oslo Accords; to demote him from someone who initiated an ideological change in the Labor Party, manifested in Barak’s proposal to Arafat at Camp David, to someone who led the Israeli negotiations at Taba, and who, in the midst of the brutal terror campaign, proposed terms of surrender to Arafat (who rejected them). If Beilin had even one ounce of integrity or a smidgen of shame, he would have uttered one phrase – I was wrong.

Beilin’s latest witticism is that the Israeli government is to blame for the anarchy reigning in the Palestinian Authority since it has systematically destroyed the PA. Beilin ignores the fact that the Palestinians have violated every agreement signed with Israel, and have completely disregarded the core of their commitment – cessation of the armed struggle and terror. Ignores the fact that after receiving the most generous proposals that could possibly be conceived, the Palestinians launched a bloody war of terror. Represses the fact that for one-and-a-half years of this campaign of terror, Israel restrained herself and only after the vicious wave of terror in March-April 2002, after being left with no choice, began responding forcefully.

The anarchy in the Palestinian Authority is a government method created by Arafat. He founded a government based on a long list of terrorist organizations (some of which are known as “security forces”), manipulating them as he deems necessary. But the facts do not confuse Beilin.

Following the Oslo Accord, at the height of his euphoria, Beilin was interviewed by Maariv’s Avraham Tirosh:

Beilin: Ask me if I am at peace with this, I’ll tell you no. What is 100% sure? I also have numerous questions. I do not sleep well at night. The greatest test of this agreement will be the test of blood”.

Tirosh: “Meaning?”

Beiling: “The test will take place over the ensuing months and year or two after the Gaza Strip and Jericho become autonomous, and a Palestinian police force is installed. This is a charged period of time. If heaven forbid, a reasonable period of time elapses and terror cannot be vanquished, the Palestinians cannot claim: we cannot fight terror from Tunis. We don’t have the police force”.

Tirosh: “Then what?”

Beiling: “We won’t have a choice but to retract. If the level of violence does not decline, we cannot move ahead and definitely cannot implement the permanent agreement. If we have no choice, the IDF will return to the locations that it is about to withdraw from over the next several months”.

A lot of blood has flowed since that interview. The Palestinians have not enforced the accord, not even for one day. Beilin made these statements, confident that, as Peres put it following the signing of the Accord, the “hundred years of terror have ended”. Despite the increased terror, Palestinian claims have not ceased. And why would they cease, if Beilin, who established the “test of blood”, rushes to rationalize their behavior?


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