Choosing the best television for either your home or office could be quite the difficult journey as there are hundreds, if not thousands, on the market and ready to be bought by its prospective owner. When making the choice of which television to buy, there are a few variables that must be taken into consideration. These variables are more like guidelines as with any technical/ electrical device and are the method of measurement when deciding to purchase a new television. Looking at the specs of several competitive brands, the following top five made the admirable list of what’s best to buy in India for no more than Rs 20,000. Let’s look at the  Best TV under 20000.

Top Best TV under 20000 Rupees

Vu 39-inch Full-HD LED TV

Being a Canadian brand, Vu has made quite the statement in Indian countries, selling at a lower price than most Indian brands themselves. Now, of course, a brand cannot sell properly unless it’s good quality and just at that, it is a brand that sells best for its quality and just happens to be perfectly priced. Its best feature has to be its 39-inch full-HD LED screen, which provides you with crystal clear display. In the top five picks for the best selling quality against price in India, the Vu brand is the only one to have such a marvellous display and resolution feature. Specs also include a digital noise reduction feature, as well as a crystal clear audio, HD-ports, USB-ports, a headphone-jack, A+ grade panel that presents a more than suitable brightness feature, and much more. This is definitely the brand to buy.

Best Smart TV - Best TV under 20000

Alternate Best TV under 20000 Rupees

Micromax 32-inch HD Ready LED 

This 32-inch model is high quality at even a lower price than the Vu LED television. Micromax has been recognized as the brand that doesn’t necessarily manufacture the best smartphones, but it is a completely different story when it comes to their range of televisions as they produce some of the best amongst the Indian market. It comes with a 1366×768 pixel display that offers a 60Hz refresh rate. In addition to its impressive features, it also includes two speakers, a range of ports and 20W RMS output. It also supports the plug and play feature and is one of the most recommended on the list.

Best Smart TV

Panasonic 32-inch HD Ready LED

Who knew Panasonic could create such a marvellous television? Well, there has been a great comparison when it comes to Panasonic vs the number one brand on the list, Vu. Panasonic might even be its biggest competitor. With a range of interesting features and specs such as a 32-inch LED screen, a resolution of 1366×786 pixels, a 176-degree angle and two speakers, it is a television that has earned its spot on the top-5 list.

Best Smart TV

Samsung 32-inch HD LED TV

Want a beautiful addition to your interior? Buy the latest savvy version of Samsung, one of the best-respected brands on the market and one that will most definitely not let you down. Hittin the nail on the head each time,  Samsung created a 32-inch wonder with an impeccable contrast ratio and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Included is a 10W RMS, a crystal clear audio output, different modes which can be adjusted to your leisure and a Dolby Digital Plus feature. This television is just another example of how Samsung cannot let you down.

Best Smart TV

SONY Bravia HD Ready LED 29-inch  TV

Last, but not least, on the top-5 best list, is the SONY. This is one brand with quite the reputable history and includes the very best specs. These quality specs include a 29-inch screen, supports a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ration, a remarkable 100 Hz refresh rates, a range of ports, X-protection for dust and much more. With some of the best features in its category, who knows what SONY will do next.

Best smart TV

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