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In a crowded market like the one we as individuals face today, it’s hard to find a good quality smartphone that is low-priced and won’t let you down. While the following won’t include Apple’s range of i-phones or Samsung’s best Galaxy range, it does include quite the list of reputable runner-ups. At a lower budget, these intriguing options will keep you interested. Thanks to competitive market trends, due to China’s digital innovation of manufacturers, the entire platform of affordable smartphones in India has changed. Let’s get into the Best Smartphones under 15000 in India.

Best Smartphones Under 15000 Rupees:

The Top Best Smartphones Under 15000 INR:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Referred to as the new budget king with a decent size of 181g and dimensions of 158.6 x 75.4 x 8.1mm, this budget-friendly Xiaomi edition has a lot to offer when compared to competitors. Specs include an operating system that exceeds its value, using the Android 7.0, which allows for it to run at the optimal speed. It includes a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels and an immersive screen display of 5.99-inches. It also has a better camera than most in its category, which is complete with a rear camera of 12 MP + 5 MP and a front camera of 20 MP. The CPU is a branded Snapdragon 363, it has a RAM of 4 GB and a storage space of 64 GB. Although it has the same design than the X4, the X5 Pro has upgraded features and impresses, even more, being the first smartphone with a unique Central Processing Unit. Xiami is the first to make use of Snapdragon 363. It offers a solid performance with a combination of impeccable features such as a remarkable crystal display, a range of software features and an exceedingly good battery life. In addition, its camera model also includes a OnePlus 5T which produces amazing results.

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Other Best Smartphones Under 15000 Rupees:

Huawei Honor 9 Lite (32 GB)

Containing everything you need from the perfect design that includes a shiny display of 2.5D glass, with s Sapphire blue variant, this is one good-looking smartphone. It has an 18:9 aspect ratio which is one of the main attractive reasons as to why you should purchase this new version of Honor. It has a Quad camera setup with both a front and rear camera that is 13 MP each. The only thing it might lack is the fact that there is no fast track support, but other than that, it’s the perfect buy. Which operating system does it use you may ask? No other than the impressive Android 8.0 Orea. It also has a 3000mAp charged battery, which promises for a long and trustworthy battery life, a 5.6-inch screen, a Kirin 659 CPU and a storage space of 32 GB. Although its space is a little less than others, there is nothing that a memory card can’t fix.

With an immersive display, an impeccable camera, a 3000 mAh battery, and much more, LG has proven its worth when it comes to cellphones. While it has had quite the well-known and respected reputation over the past few decades, and even a couple of wonderous smartphones, it has never created a smartphone of this standard. With a different version of Snapdragon CPU than Xiaomi, it’s specs are well comparable to the best-seller on the Indian market and sets the bar as a competitor. Its CPU has the Snapdragon 435. Further specs also include 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.It also has a 13MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. When compared to others in its range, it might lack one or two features but it is still the only smartphone at such a low price to have the full-vision display and high-quality camera feature which most definitely makes up for it.

Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus is an interesting pick amongst its fellow competitive brands. It includes features such as an Android 7.0 operating system, a 5.2-inch screen display, 3-4 GB RAM and 32-64 GB Storage. It also includes 3000 mAh battery capacity and a rear camera of 12 MP, along with a front camera of 5 MP. While some might think its storage range is confusing, it is one of the few brands that have launched multiple storage variants for particular smartphones. While this is the case for the same smartphone, the 3/32 GB variant is the only one that falls underneath the margin of Rs 15,000. The Snapdragon processor allows for a smooth and fast key-process reaction time and although 4 GB RAM might seem better than 3 GB, it still suffices in correlation with the CPU which makes it the best buy for its price.

Honor 7X

Honor presents a premium build a smartphone with a vibrant resolution display of 1080 x 2160 dpi, a 5.93-inch screen, an Android 7.0 operating system, 4 GB RAM and a variant choice of either 32 GB or 64 GB storage. It also includes quite the impressive camera spec with a 16+2 MP Rear camera and an 8 MP front camera, which is far more than its competitors have to offer at such a savvy price. It has a Kirin 659 CPU which has proven its worth on the market, being the number one competitor of Snapdragon 625 on the Indian market. It is one of the best choices when it comes to good-quality smartphones in its price range. The only features it might lack is that it does not have a USB Type-C and charges relevantly slower than its competitors.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2

As another great edition proudly brought to you by Xiaomi, the Mi Max 2 takes a step up with an Android 7.1.1 operating system and a bigger display than usual. Its screen size is 6.44-inch and seem to thus be more attractive than those below 6. It has a resolution of 1080 x 1920, a Snapdragon 625 CPU, 4 GB RAM and again just like the other competitors, a variant of either 32 GB or 64 GB to choose from. This option allows for much more convenient as one of the main problems that users face with smartphones today is the fact that there is never enough storage space on their devices. Xiaomi designs to convenience and includes even more amazing specs such as a steady amount of battery-life of 5300 mAh, a 12 MP rear camera, a front of 5 MP and fails to disappoint with its rather sturdy built but sleek design.

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