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Don’t want to spend too much o headphones? Well, although an expensive pair might seem somewhat nice and add to your confidence, the feel and sound difference between a pair that is Rs 2,000 and double its price, is pretty much the same. Thus, it is not necessary to spend such a great amount on earphones. The number one thing people worry about when buying any digital device or accessory within a reasonable budget range, is the quality and the fact that the cheaper it is, the more likely it is to break. If that be the case, no fret… We’ve compiled a list of good-quality earphones, all at a reasonable price too. Let’s get into Best Earphones Under 2000 Rupees in India.

The best earphones under 2000 Rupees in India

The Top Best Earphones Under 2000 rupees:

1More Piston Fit Headphones – As a more well-known and reputable company in India, 1More is a popular brand that, best known for its excellent designed headphones and savvy prices at that. These perfectly structured digital accessories have a good-quality build, a both clear and balanced sound, more attention to bass detail and an elegant design. Unfortunately, its design might not support the most comfortable design, yet its still a well-structured, high-quality pair of headphones. Specs include a 1.25 meter cable length, a 3.55 mm jack, a 100db sensitivity capacity feature, 32 headphone impedance, a dynamic 9 mm Neodymium magnet driver and a 20-20,000 Hz frequency response.

Best earphones under 2000

Other Best Earphones Under 2000 rupees:

SoundMagic PL30+ C Headphones – For headphones that offer a well-balanced, comfortable on the ears and perfectly balanced sound output, the SoundMagic headphone set is the perfect pair for you. It has the cleanest sound output due to its set of different equalizer settings. It includes specs such as an in-ear design, a 1.2 m cable length, a 12 capacity impedance, a 3.5 mm connection function, a 100db sensitivity and a frequency response of 20-22,000 Hz. With a metal housing structure, this set of headphones have a stylish, yet premium look.

SoundMagic E10C headphones – With a great quality build and some of the best bass features, the SoundMagic brand released a budget-friendly wonder. Specs include a cable length pf 1.2 m, 100db sensitivity, a 10 mm neodynamium driver, an 18-22,000 frequency response, an impedance rate of 16, a 3.55 mm jack connectivity range and tangle-free designed wires. The design is also quite intriguing as it comes in a dynamic blue shade and just as some of the other options on the ‘less than Rs 2,000 list, has a sporty design.

Sennheiser CX 275 S Headphones – With an in-ear design, one of the most premium headphone brands in India brings you a budget-friendly set of headphones that has quite the sporty appeal. Its specs include a light weight of 15 grams, a 1.2 m cable length, 16 impedance, a frequency response of 17-23,000 Hz, a 121db sensitivity, a 3.5 mm connectivity and dynamic drive. It offers a decent sound-output that is more inclined towards treble. The only feature it lacks is its bass capacity.

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