Justice Minister and Deputy Premier Lapid attack Hague ruling, says Israel will ignore “UN dictated politically engineered decision”.

Israel will continue to build the security barrier irrespective of the ICJ’s decision. This was announced in a statement made by Justice Minister Tomi Lapid, shortly before the panel began reading their verdict.

He said that Israel regarded the barrier as vital to its defense and the security of its citizens, as it has been proven beyond all doubt that it is a major obstacle and deterrent to would-be suicide bombers and other terrorists attempting to launch attacks against the civilian population.

He said that the only court pertinent to the government’s considerations is Israel’s High Court of Justice, which recently ordered several sections of the barrier to be demolished for causing undue and unjustified suffering to the Palestinian population. “Our justice system has proven itself capable and wiling of intervening in order to rectify what it regards at an injustice, even in cases such as the fence, which involve vital security issues”. He said the government would faithfully observe and carry out any High Court decision regarding the barrier, even if this meant delays, additional costs and compromising optimal security considerations as defined by the IDF.


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