But only in the second stage of Road Map. During meeting with Sharon, IAEA chief says Israel should open nuclear facilities to inspection.

Israel is willing to take part in discussions regarding regional nuclear disarmament during the second stage of the Road Map, head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohammed ElBaradei said.

ElBaradei, who spoke to reporters after an afternoon meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem, added that he has asked the prime minister to meet with “nuclear spy” Mordechai Vanunu.

During the meeting, the IAEA chief said, “It is not my job to dictate Israel’s nuclear policy whether it should be open or obscure. The most important thing is to open its facilities to UN inspections”.

During a meeting ElBaradei held earlier with the senior staff of Israel’s Nuclear Energy Commission, headed by Gidon Frank, it was agreed that Israel would take part in an IAEA program, which aims at preventing the flowing of radioactive substances, especially from the former Soviet Union, to terror organizations that could use them to create a “dirty bomb” or in order to perpetrate a nuclear terror attack.

Regarding Iran’s alleged attempts to acquire or manufacture nuclear weapons, ElBaradei said he does not yet know if authorities in Tehran would seriously cooperate with the UN in this matter.

ElBaradei will meet later with Foreign Minster Sylvan Shalom and then leave the country.

The IAEA chief met on Wednesday with Health Minister Danny Naveh. The two announced the establishment of a nuclear medicine research plan in Israel, which is to be funded by the IAEA.

Also on Wednesday, ElBaradei was flown across the country but his aerial tour did not include the Dimona Nuclear Research Center.


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