Ice Cream Man Monster Truck Toy

Here is why you should consider Ice Cream Man Monster Truck Toy as a Christmas gift

Hot Wheels is the leading manufacturer of die-cast toy cars and trucks. One among their exciting launches of the season is ‘Ice Cream Man Monster Truck’ inspired by Monster Jam race trucks, which are known for more than two decades. A large of number of gamers from kids to young adults have got their eyes fixed on these trucks since its launch. So here we are going to see a quick review of this Hot Wheels toy.

Ice Cream Man Monster Truck Toy


Toy ice cream truck features :

  • This toy truck was launched in the year 2016 and was well received by toy lovers and kids. Of course, the brand name has goodwill for itself, and it cannot escape the eyes of kids and young adults who have been diehard fans of Hot Wheels cars and trucks. Some of the special features of the Ice Cream Man Monster truck are listed below:
  • Ice Cream man monster truck is designed for kids at and above the age of 3.
  • The parts of the truck are made up of die-cast metal making them durable and helping them withstand tough races.
  • The wheels of the truck aren’t flimsy, which makes the ride possible on any terrain. So, kids do not have to get devastated when their little trucks do not move on rough surfaces because this truck has simply gotten over that problem.
  • The trucks are designed colorfully, and the body of the truck has images of different superheroes giving kids to pick their favorite one among a large collection of designed trucks.
  • It is not advisable to use these monster truck toys along with all Hot Wheel sets, except with the ones that are prescribed.
  • The item weighs about 136 grams and comes in a package that measures 16.5 x 13.2 x 7.1. This makes it a reasonably decent size toy to play with.
  • There are also other similar versions of this truck toy that comes along with recorded music. The truck keeps playing the recorded as the truck is driven. In the same order children also have the option of buying Mr. Softee ice cream truck toy, again a real-life inspiration, reproduced by our very own Hot Wheels.
  • This ice cream truck toy does not have a mini music system.

Here is a picture of a nice ice cream toy!

 Ice Cream Truck Toy Pros:

  • The difference in the appearance of the toys gives kids the opportunity to pick from a lot of options, instead of narrowing down their choice.
  • The parts of the truck are made of either die-cast metal or plastic so they look pretty and at the same time they are safe in the hands of the children.
  • The size of the toy is ideal, making it easy for kids to handle it when they play. The makers have used materials that ensure the durability of the product and hence it does not break easily.


  • We wouldn’t mention it as a disadvantage, but still, it brings down the excitement of toy lovers, when it comes to pricing of the product. Though the toy has features that are worth paying for, it doesn’t fall into the affordable category.
  • Collecting toys has been a great recreational activity for most of the kids out there. It is an undeniable fact that even today as grown adults most of us relish looking at the toy collection that we have preserved for years. If there is one thing that all toy collectors and kids loved, then it is a truck, especially it is always a big ‘yes’ for ice cream trucks. So here we have listed the top 5 ice cream truck toys of 2017! With no further delay let’s get to the list.

Some other types of Ice cream Truck toys:

  1. Kinetic Sand 6035805 Ice Cream Truck
  2. LEGO 10727 Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck Construction Set – Multi-Coloured
  3. Teamsterz Ice Cream Van Truck Toy
  4. Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck
  5. Ice Cream Wall Whitby Mondial Van
  6. Transformers truck toy

Kinetic Sand 6035805 Ice Cream Truck:

Ice cream van that makes kinetic sand into ice cream scoop

  • Kinetic Sand ice cream truck is one of the most creative game sets available online today. The pack comes with an ice cream truck along with cones, a mold, a big scoop spoon, and kinetic sand.
  • The kinetic sand pack that comes along with the truck makes it more adorable, and that’s why kids love it. The kinetic sand comes in different colors, and the kinetic sand is used to give the effect of an ice cream scoop, and then kids can place it on one of the molds that come with the pack.
  • Kids can mix different colors and make it look attractive. There is a lot of learning process as well. Since the kinetic sand is dry, they are pretty much reusable.
  • Ideal for kids from the age of 3-6 can play with this truck. The product weighs about 644 g and is sturdy. No battery is required to operate the truck.

LEGO 10727 Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck Construction Set – Multi-Coloured:

A complete pack of Emma's Ice cream truck

  • Emma’s Ice cream truck is one toy that most kids can personalize with. This ice cream truck comes along with mini figures of Emma, Andrea, and a little dog.
  • The truck is designed in such a way that the toys can be placed inside to make their toy ice cream. They can be beautifully made to play the role of vendors from inside the truck making it more interesting for kids.
  • There are also other creative add-ons like a cash register, a bottle of toppings, ice cream cone, ice pops, basket, cone holder and a freezer. The truck set also has cool sunglasses for the ladies, signboards, and banknotes.
  • All the accessories that come along with the truck are in a decent size and fit the hands of kids. There are no hard or sharp products. All the accessories including the truck are made of proper molded plastic, and thereby it doesn’t harm the kids.
  • Kids from the age of 4 are good to play with this ice cream set. The truck weighs about 322g, and kids can easily carry it on the go. The truck works manually, so batteries aren’t required.

Teamsterz Ice Cream Van Truck Toy:

Teamsterz Ice cream truck toy

  • Teamsterz Ice Cream Van Truck Toy is again one of the best-selling toys on the online platform. The size of the truck is pretty much big that it looks like a real truck, exciting kids at different levels.
  • The truck’s design is pretty much creative. It comes along with a door that can open as well as slide. There are provisions for hanging ice creams and sell them when required. This struck is very much similar to the real-life ice cream trucks that we see on the streets of Europe.
  • The truck is designed with pretty colors, and the best part is the truck can play music and make noise while it moves. This is the coolest part of buying Teamsterz Ice cream truck.
  • There are also attractive lights attached to the van, making it look realistic. With all these features your kids are never bored.
  • But it is strictly advised by the makers that the toys can be played by children not less than 14 years of age.

Shopkins S3 Scoops Ice Cream Toy Truck:

Preview of Shopkins Ice Cream Truck complete set

  • Shopkins is one of the highly rated toys for today’s kids. Kids from the age of 3 and more can play with this toy. The weight of the truck is roughly 200g and is comparatively weighs less than other toys in the list. This makes it easy for kids to carry them as they please.
  • The whole ice cream toy truck set consists of small baby figures, exclusive shopping bags, and an umbrella stand. The little toys and accessories that come along with the truck are made of high quality and non-hazardous material so adults can peacefully stay awake when their kids are having fun with the truck.
  • Just like the other trucks on the list, it doesn’t need a battery to operate, and again that’s one thing you can brag about. Shopkins toys are a real gem in the toy collection your kids could ever have. So do not miss them out.

Ice Cream Wall Whitby Mondial Van:

Preview of Ice Cream Wall Whitby Van toy

  • All kids and young adults who are looking for an opportunity to play with truck toys then this is your turn. Buy Ice Cream Wall Whitby Mondial Van that is available in online shopping websites and gift yourself a truck.
  • Ice Cream Wall Whitby Mondial Van has widely received positive comments from users and critics alike. The products that come along with the truck are made of die-cast metal. Since the toys are made of die-cast metal, they are pretty much durable than we expect them to stay. It comes with a display glass and weighs about 200g along with the accessories.
  • No batteries are required to operate the truck as the truck can be easily operated manually. One more positive aspect of this truck set is that the toys that come with the truck are in proportionate scale to that of the truck which makes the toy appear more realistic.
  • The product dimensions are also in a reasonable size, so they do not look too big or too small. Looks like it is the best gift that you can give to truck collectors.


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