If you are a beginner and looking for a way to learn driving a manual car, then you are in the right place. Before driving a manual car, some basics that you need to know to help you get started on the journey. There are certain tips to help you with your learning curve.

Before you start

The manual car has three things in a common clutch, brake and accelerator. The brake helps you slow down, accelerator increases the engines revs and speed up and the clutch helps you disconnect the engine from the wheels. Understand that you cannot learn how to drive sitting at home and if you are looking for help from a professional Driving school Melbourne can teach you skills to drive a manual car


Step to follow to help you drive a manual car include

  • Getting into the car and fastening your seat belt
  • Start your engine by putting the keys in the ignition
  • Gently push on the clutch pedal and move the gear stick to the first gear
  • Now push on the accelerator pedal and increase the engines revs
  • Slowly lift the clutch pedal and your car will start to vibrate
  • Now the remove the handbrake and your car should move slowly
  • Slowly keep raising your food from the clutch until you move forward.


How to avoid damaging your clutch

The process of a clutch works may seem complicated to many, but the process sets in after some time with practice. Some tips you can use to avoid damage to the clutch includes

  • Don’t use the clutch to the car on hills
  • Don’t hold the clutch when you are stopped
  • Try to the revs produced to the minimum


All about the gears

Today, we see that most of the cars have five gears to help you swift your way through a motorway cruising by reducing fuel consumption. There are also cars which have six to seven gears depending on the type of the car as these gears are generally seen in supercars like Porsche 911 and Chevrolet corvette.


Advantages of a manual gearbox

Getting a manual gearbox or an automatic one, it all comes down to personal preference. But the manual gearbox has a clear advantage over the other.

  • A manual gearbox is generally cheap and better
  • A manual gearbox will build the energy and transfer drive from the engine to wheels
  • A manual gearbox will make you feel in control as it allows you to select a higher gear to increase the torque.
  • A manual gearbox can help you drop down a gear in advance if you are planning to overtake


Heel and Toe

You can easily manage your driving skills just by placing your left in the middle where you can easily manage your foot, which enables you to manage revs. It is an unnecessary but satisfying skill which can help you save some seconds. If you are going to try this technique for the first time, learning it on private land can help.


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