If you have been waiting to get back into shape and get those abs. It is very hard to obtain them. it takes a lot of hard work and correct exercise to help you lose weight fast. In this article, we will be discussing some best practical ways to help ensure you burn the stomach fat fast. Here are some of the best exercise you can do to help loose that pounds.

Running or walking

If you want to lose weight one of the best ways to start of your weight loss journey is to start moving. As you exercise you burn calories and body fat percentage. Walking or running not only allows you to lose fact from a certain area but allows you to shed some weight from various places of the body. According to Pro ana tips, running and walking is the best fat burning exercise out there which does not require you to have any fancy types of equipment in the house.

Elliptical Trainer

For people who are looking for more than just jogging or walking. The elliptical trainer provides for the best low impact cardio workouts. With an elliptical trainer, a person can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes. Also with an elliptical trainer, you can be sure that you are not facing any wear and tear on your joints.


Bicycling is another easy and outgoing exercise pro-ana has to suggest. Bicycling is a low impact cardio exercise which allows you travel far and wide. Depending on the speed and intensity of the person one can burn up to 250 to 300 calories per 30 minutes of a bike ride.

The Captain’s chair leg raise

One tip by pro-ana is that you can work out even in the comfort of your house, without any fancy types of equipment. The captain’s chair is one such exercise. Grab a chair and stand on the chair while grabbing the hand bars. Try to keep your back straight and flat against the pad while you knees are close to your chest. Now, lower your leg and keep increasing the intensity of the exercise as you go by straightening them as you raise.

Exercise ball crush

Another fun but effective exercise is one which requires exercise ball. This exercise allows you to stabilize and engage your muscles. Lie on the ball and ensure that your lower back is supported while our feel is touching the ground. Place hand behind the head and contract abs by lifting up your torso and moving forward. While practising the exercise try to keep the ball stable which can help ensure that you are targeting your weight in the belly area which can help you lose it quickly.


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