Everyone loves boots. Why? Simple – they are classy, elegant, rough if you want to portray a bold and country-girl image. In short, boots are an indispensable part of the wardrobe. There are many types of boots especially since the fashion industry has taken them to a different level. In modern days, one does not wear only boots during winter or when walking on rough terrain. You can wear them for most occasions now. One has the option to wear the Most Comfortable Work Boots in the most fashionable way. I will explain the different types of boots which are an absolute must in your wardrobe, and when and where you can wear them without feeling awkward.

Below Ankle Boots

These are my personal favorite as they are pretty elegant. You can literally wear them to any place, including the office  Low cut boots – they end below the ankle and have heelsThey are closed toes. Don’t worry if you look like you are dressing down. They are as comfortable as sneakers and you won’t feel like you are   walking on stilettoes They can have laces to fasten then use them when you are attending an interview or lunching with some important clients

Ankle Length Boots

These ones are really classy. Ends at the ankle and covers it. It flatters your figure and gives you a good heightWear them to the discotheque or nightclubs. They are still versatile to be work  for a formal night out with colleagues or family

Calf Length Boots.

This style is great during winter or if you need to visit someone who lives at a ranch or country. It has style and comfort goes very well with jeans and tight trousers also, good if you plan to walk your dogs at the dog park or bushy surroundings

Knee-high Boots

They end at the knees. I know what you are thinking. Banish the thought! They are great with leggings, jeggings and short skirts as well as short pants You can look awfully bold and confident in them. Wear them during summer for a picnicUse them when you are shopping – don’t worry, no one will stare

Before you embark on a shopping spree,

  • Decide the type of boots you want. This depends on the length you want to wear. ·Know that boots

flatter your figure, whether you are tall or short. However, if you are short, wear them up to the length of calves so you can show off the rest of your legs.·Be smart and experiment with the choices. Don’t be restricted by popular choices. Fashion is a series of experiments and does not be afraid of making mistakes.·You can find many year-end sales at your local retailers which offer very attractive discounts and price.

Last word:

My take is, have at least 4 types of boots of various colors. One pair of black and one pair of brown is a must. Another color which is often overlooked is red. It is very bold and hints at your wild side. Don’t be afraid it will not match your attire. Have a red scarf on standby!


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