If you’ve ever ventured to the beach early in the morning, you would have seen boats speeding from the surface, and in a matter of minutes, they are beyond the horizon. These boats are built for fishing specifically and are very different from your regular and carrier boats. In this article, we’ve reviewed the top five fishing boats in the world. All this top 5 fishing boats are available for rental in Miami Boat Rentals

Scout 355 LXF

If you’re looking for a boat that is great for shipping but also one that offers great luxury then the Scout 355 LXF is perfect for you. The design is exquisite and can accommodate a total of 5 people or close to 600 pounds. The main body of the ship has enough space for three people to operate and the portion underneath surface can accommodate two people with built-in amenities for an overnight stay. The fishing boat screams luxury with its pristine design and functional capabilities. The boat is hooked up with 3 AGM batteries along with a fuel tank to not only maintain balance but also to give you a peaceful ride for the entire day. The Scout 355lXF takes things further by utilising a solar panel overhead if at all the amperage is too high and the batteries start to wear out. The boat is also equipped with the much talked about Seakeeper gyrostabiliser to give you a smooth ride even in the roughest of waters. The ship is also equipped with the Garmin fisheye bowl to increase the efficiency of anchor drops, something that is not seen in a lot of fishing ships. The Scour 355 LXF is not going to be a cheap acquisition though, as it is going to cost you close to $400,000.

Fountain 34 CC

One of the biggest competitions for the Scout 355 LXF is the fountain 34 CC. If you’ve been around the shipping circuit for a while, you would have heard about powerboat driver Reggie Fountain who went to mastermind the commercial aspect of boating as well. His design for the fishing boat is exquisite, to say the least. The 34 CC is a beast on the water that can reach speeds up to 64 mph, but it is the acceleration of the 34 CC that needs to be celebrated more than anything else. The design of the boat is a classic twist on modern requirements, one that shipping enthusiasts admire about the Fountain line. The 34 CC is no different, but Fountain has taken things up a notch by focusing on two key areas, performance and fishability. The Fountain 34 CC is not one for the luxury crowd but a serious number one contender for people who take fishing seriously. The boat can accommodate 400 pounds in crew weight, which is roughly three people at the most at a given point. Though the Fountain 34 CC doesn’t have the same stability or the ability to craw a large crew, it makes up for it in the total amount of fishing haul. The Fountain 34 CC can bring in twice the amount of fish as the Scout 355. The one big criticism about the boat is its stability in rough waters and the fact that hard turns at times can be difficult to make. But overall, purely in terms of fishing experience, the Fountain 34 CC is by far one of the best. It is priced around $340,000.

Belzona 327 Walk Around

If you’re looking for an all-round product, then the Belzona 327 is the perfect fit for you. It is the perfect best of both worlds option that is available on the market. It brings in the luxury by having a bow deck so well designed that it doesn’t eat up the manoeuvrability of the upper deck and its sliding doors are a marvel as it not only improves safety but is also very adjustable to the functional aspect of the upper deck. The Belzona 327 has the capability to withstand unsafe conditions due to its fibreglass cover over the beam; a feature that is not offered by the other two juggernauts above the Belzona. The Belzona 327 has placed all its bets on the usability of the ship over performance and luxury; thus there are drawbacks to the fishing boat that prevents it from leading the charts as the undisputed number one. As we look further we are able to understand that by trying to focus on luxury and performance; the fishing boat also takes their respective disadvantages. The ship can only accommodate three people, and the fishing haul is lower than the Scout 355, with just a little over 90 gal. The well-rounded fishing boat is priced around $310,000; an amount that is still significant but one that shows that the Belzona is not the biggest hitters in the market.

Regulator 28

The biggest obstacle that is in the way of most fishing boats are very expensive and don’t quite attract the middle-class market much. The Regulator 28 can either be used as a classic fishing boat or can be used as a family boat. In a way, the regulator 28 has found a sub-niche within the niche category. The model is designed in such a way that the long design doesn’t inhibit performance. The fishing boat may not have a gyrostabiliser like the Scout 355, but its rugged mechanism makes it a sturdy ship in the roughest of waters. The Regulator 28 also stands above its competition when it comes to how efficient and low maintenance the product is. The ship will cost you close to $206,000 that is much more affordable than the other fishing boats. The major driving point of this ship is its flexibility option followed by how easily it can transform form a sturdy fishing boat to a beautiful family boat.

Wellcraft 302

Most people who buy fishing boats will tell you that their greatest obstacle is to take all their friends and family on a trip across the sea while still giving them a chance to see fishing being done, first handed. The Wellcraft 302 has the best seating capabilities by far and focuses on usability as well as a sprinkle of luxury along the way. The boat is otherwise quite similar to the other fishing boats but nothing stands out as such besides the space that it offers. The ship is rightly priced just below $200,000.

We believe that before you buy a fishing ship, you have to zero down on why you’re buying this ship and whether it checks all the boxes that you have made. Because the lowest price at which you can own one of these beasts on water is $200,000 and can go up to $400,000. So make the right decision because this is going to be a huge investment for everyone involved.

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