Everything in this world has started to become automated and so has vacuum cleaners. The world has moved on from the rusty vacuum cleaners to automated super cleaners that have taken the cleaning experience to a whole new level. Here we look at some of the finest vacuum cleaners on the market, for more refer the best home vacuum cleaner reviewed by vacuum virtuoso

NeatoBotvac Connected

The NeatoBotvac Connected is a robot vacuum that will cost you about $699 in your local wallmart. It is an investment that will transform your house and make it spotless. The high-end vacuum cleaner is said to be one of the finest Wi-Fi enabled cleaning systems in the market. The Neato is also the first remote controlled vacuum cleaner in the Botvac line, thus making usability a walk in the park, to say the least. The Neato Connected edges out rivals who have gone with an app-enabled feature; this cleaner puts a twist on the classic remote controller. Customers should be wary though, the new line from Botvac costs $200 more than the previous version and should take a call whether such a huge investment is needed for their household. Overall this super-powered vacuum cleaner is one of the best in terms of performance, but experts believe that the design could have been better.


iRobot Roomba 880

The Roomba 880 is a class above the rest due to its rubber extractors feature. Most vacuum bots come with bristle brushes that can clean the surface quite well, but the Roomba has taken the aspect of cleaning further. There is one thing to clean your floors with brushes and a whole another deal to clean them with rubber extractors. The rubber extractors are a part of the newly launched Aeroforce cleaning system. The Aeroforce cleaning system was created specifically for the Roomba cleaning bots that utilise high powered sensors along with debris extractors; the aeroforce cleaning system was specifically built to provide the user with a never before seen cleaning experience coupled with little to no maintenance issues. The 880 model is said to feature a larger bin to collect more dust and debris but the drawback is that these bins fill up way too quickly. So if you have dogs and cats at home, then the 880 is not for you. Any pet owner would tell you that pets shed a lot of hair; this plus the dust collected at your house will be too much for the Roomba 880 to handle. The 880 is about the same price as the NeatoBotvac Connect and to an extent falls behind in terms of performance but that is majorly down to the lack of a remote control feature. If you’re looking for a simplistic vacuum cleaner with low maintenance then the Roomba 880 is for you, especially if your house gets dirty a lot and if you have no pets around. The iRobot Roomba 880 has its benefits and will cost you around $700.

Oreck Touch Bagless Vacuum

If you’ve just moved to a new condo or have seen a sudden windfall in investments and you’re looking to upgrade your house then the Bagless vacuum is a smart choice to make. Compared to the other two behemoths, the Bagless vacuum is much cheaper and is priced around $400. It does not give you the same features that the Neato or the Roomba does. Customers shouldn’t be expecting a remote control feature or aero force cleaning system but that shouldn’t deter the customer from buying this vacuum cleaner either. There is a difference between buying what is required and buying something extravagant. The Bagless vacuum falls under the required category and stands above similar products in the same category with its high maneuverability function. The Bagless vacuum is a great buy for new parents. Most new parents would tell you how big of a pain it is to deal with kids and how messy it can get with spilled food everywhere. The Bagless vacuum is the best by far when it comes to picking up granules of food and cereal from the floor. The Oreck Touch Bagless vacuum is a necessity product that will keep your house clean and functioning, it is a great first buy. The vacuum cleaner does have its downfalls when compared to more expensive cleaners but not when it comes to products in the same price range.

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