Have a budget of Rs 15,000 or less? Looking for a 32-inch display of wonder? Well, we’ve got you covered. Compiled and making the list of top-5 includes some of the biggest competitive brands in the digital market. If you want to go bigger than 32-inches, you’ll have to adjust your budget. Whether the screen is slightly smaller than for instance, a 40-inch+ display, the resolution is still of high-quality with the following being 1366×768. In this case, their display has nothing to does not lack clarity and is considered to be the best on the market of its range. Let’s get into Best TV Under 15000 rupees in India.

Best TV Under 15000 INR in India:

The Top Best TV Under 15000 Rupees:

Kodak 32-inch HD-Ready LED TV 32HDX900S

This well-known reputable brand has been around since 1888. Now, to think Kodak has been around for almost more than 120 years is completely insane, but its development in LED televisions has only been a recent development, one of which the public and its customers appreciates at large. Kodaks version of LED TV’s is considered as one of the best in comparison to its competitors. Now, although it doesn’t include a 3D feature, it does include some of the very best specs for its size and price which are a 178-degree angle, a refresh rate of 60 Hz and two speakers with a 20W Output. Its vibrant display and good-quality sounds system will have you enjoying every bit of the experience, whether it be watching a movie, or just listening to some music, you’ll be intrigued.

Best TV under 15000

Other Best TV Under 15000 Rupees in India:

Micromax 32 inch HD Ready LED TV 32T8280HD

Micromax has proven to have a range of good-quality televisions, all of which has something more to offer than its previous version. With an impressive lineup of TV’s and considered as one of the best brands to manufacture LED TV’s, the 32T8280HD is not one to let you down. On the contrary, for its price, it’s ‘the best-quality bargain’. With a brilliant display of 32-inches, a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a viewing angle of 178 degrees and an HD-display of 1366×768, the Micromax is the star-runner up for Kodak and certainly gives its competitors a run for their money. In addition to some of the best specs, it also includes 2 speakers and a static contrast of 3000:1.

VU 32-inch HD-Ready LED TV 32D7545

For less than Rs 15,000 VU created another spectacular version of LED TV. It is noticeably one of the best-priced televisions on the Indian market and includes specs such as a 1366×768 display, a dynamic contrast of 100000:1, 178-degree viewing angle and 60 Hz refresh rate. Thought VU had a negative feature for their state of the art TV? We think not.

Intex 32-inch HD-Ready LED TV 3210

With a display panel that’s easy on the eyes, crystal clear sound quality and an HD ready display of 1366 x 768, the Intex might not be one of the most noticeable brands, but it definitely makes its mark and impresses while doing so. Additionally, it includes speakers and one of its main impressive features, more ports than most televisions. You’ll never have to struggle with connecting multiple devices ever again. So, sit back and above all else, enjoy the experience.

BPL Vivid 32-inch LED TV BPL080D51H

Another lesser-known but the impressive brand, BPL entered the market with an intriguing approach. Whilst it lacks in contrast, displaying a balance which is relatively low, its other features such as resolution and display, match those of all of the above. With a viewing angle of 175-degrees and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it is still an option that made the list and with good reason. It has a solid build, multiple ports and does not lack in either quality nor sound.

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