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In today’s technologically infused day and age, there has been a hype about the best smartphones, tablets, laptops, gadgets for both digital and fitness purposes, televisions, music players, cameras, and the list goes on and on. Another thing that has amped up the hype regarding all the digital infusion and progression, is simple-like additions to your home, office, and even general environments, is a printer. Let’s get into Best Printers in India.

Whilst most might think that a printer is a device which doesn’t need to be upgraded or one device that does not need those extra little special effects and additional glam, there are different classes of printers that are able to do both too little and too much, in accordance with what you’re looking for. Perhaps you don’t bother buying a new, or more expensive printer because you feel like your old printer from the early 2000’s does the job quite well, but on the contrary, the digital upgrade of buying the best printer will most definitely show in your printed documents, photo, and whatever extras you’d like a hard copy of.

Looking at different types of printers, there are various to choose from. All of which include the very best printers, both standard printers for home use, as well as multifunctional printers for office use, all within a suitable budget range.

Best Printers in India | Printers under 15000 Rupees

The Best Printer for Home-use in India – EPSON M200 All-in-One Inkjet Printer
First of all, choosing EPSON for your home is a fairly good choice as it is one of the most reputable and top-quality brands in India. In fact, it might even provide you with more than what you need when it comes to the digital age. It has impressive features and specs, all of which includes a copy, scanning and printing function. It has a USB Ethernet 2.0 connectivity option, a print cycle of 1200 x 2400dpi, has a space-saving design, a distinctively fast print speed and produces high-quality pages. What more could you ask for?

The Best Printer for Office use in India – HP LaserJet M1005 Multifunction Printer
Ranked as one of the top printers under Rs 15,000 in India, this multi-functional printer offers the best quality with its laser printing features. It has a 2-inch LED display screen, along with a monochrome printing output. It also has a 32MB internal memory and is a host-based laser printer. As a printer from HP, it has a copy, scan, printing and all-around everything you can think of digital function. Connectivity is also made ease with both standard connection and USB connection and will produce optimal results for your entire office.

The Best Multi-function Printer – HP LaserJet Pro MFP M126 Multi-function Printer
Priced under Rs 15,000, this multi-functional printer version from HP has a professional look, which meets the requirements of any setting you can think of. It has a laser printing method, a monochrome printing output, a 2-line LCD display, a toner-refill cartridge type, a 1200 x 1200dpi maximum printing resolution and an 8000-page duty cycle. It also has a 20ppm print speed, a manual duplex print feature, and a standard cassette input tray. It covers both a 24-bit color for mono and color function, has a contact image sensor scan method, a 400 x 600dpi flatbed scan type and finally, a 400 x 600dpi copy resolution color.

Best Printers in India | Printers under 10000 Rupees

With an array of different brands designing and manufacturing the ‘best’ printers, it is hard to distinguish between which is truly the ‘best’, and which are not. If you take a look at some of the most reputable brands in digital development, when it comes to the best quality printers in the world, you catch yourself seeing the same brands appear each time. These usually include Canon, HP, Samsung, Ricoh and last but not least Epson. Taking a closer look to these following well-known brands, you start to see a similar trend when it comes to quality and being designed cleverly with a perfect range of specs to produce that perfect hard copy or image.

The Best Printer for Home-use – HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3835 Multi-functional Printer
Listing the very best printer for your home is made easy with 2018’s HP DeskJet all-in-one multi-printer. With a simple design, the printer allows you to print and perform printing tasks conveniently via your phone. As a well-equipt multi-functional device, it is a printer that can be used in both your home and office. Its capability? Standard black ink and a Tri-colour option for best-quality print-outs. It has a scanning resolution of up to 1200 dpi and a 60-page output tray, which is more than most. This HP Printer is one that will suit all your needs when it comes to printing and will provide you as an all-rounder with printing, scanning, copying, faxing, e-printing, Air-print, Apple, as well as Wireless direct printing.

Best Printer for Office Use – Xerox Phaser 6510DN A4 Colour Laser Printer
With one of the best prices in India, the Xerox Phaser A4 full-color laser printer is a perfect addition to your office. Whether it be big or small, it is a machine that will get the job done from all points of your office. As a trustworthy machine, from one of the most well-known brands, it has quite the impressive set of specs as well. It has a 733MHz processor, a 28ppm color printing, a 28ppm mono printing, prints the first page within the first 12 seconds, uses both USB and network connectivity, as well allows for an automatic double-sided sheet printing. Furthermore, with up to a 1200 – 2400 dpi, a 50-sheet bypass tray and a 250-sheet input tray, it is the perfect addition to your office for sure. It is also conveniently compatible with both Windows and MAC and has a capacity of 1GB RAM.

The Best Multi-function Printer – Canon Pixma G 2000 Multi-function Printer
Noticed as the best printer within a budget range in India, for just under Rs 10,000, you’ll get a Canon printer with a black ink Inkjet, refillable tank/ cartridge system. It not only has a black output but a very vivid color output too. It is also equipt with a USB interface, which makes it convenient for any individual to print a hard copy from any digital device. Listed as one of the best buys in India within budget range, it is a versatile piece of equipment that delivers optimum quality, along with a high-volume printing option. One remarkable feature of this well-put-together printer is its ability to print 7000 copies before it runs out of copies, and then in that same breath, can be refilled with a bottle, rather than an old-school cartridge. It also allows you to see how much ink remains in the printer on the digital screen. It is also environment-friendly and only requires about 11-watts while operating and 0.8 watts when on standby mode. It has a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi that also allows for you to scan at an optical of 600 x 1200 dpi.  It can print up to 9 black on white hard copies within a minute, and up to 5 color hard copies a minute. It is furthermore conveniently compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista. In addition, it also prints photos, with the same quality as a photo printer. As an addition to any digital device.

Best Printers in India | Printers under 5000 Rupees

The Best Printer for Home Use – HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 Printer
Available on all best-selling platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal, HP does it again, rated the very best in printers within a budget range in India. With its reputable history in designing and manufacturing some of the highest in-demand printers, they have created yet another amazing printer. This one is white and has a sort of elegant, classy feature to it. A perfect addition to your home at that. It has a good quality build, is simple to both install and use, and furthermore has both a tri-color and monochrome choice of cartridge. It also has a scanning and photocopy feature and is compatible with either Windows and MAC. It prints 480 pages per cartridge, which makes it perfect for a home printer. It could be used as an office-based printer as well, but only for one-to-two users because of its low-sheet printing capability. Its printouts are of top quality and its cartridge cost is much savvier than it is for other printers. It includes a USB cable, a CD for assistance with installation and a power chord, as well as performs both copy and scanning functions in 4800 x 1200dpi and 600 x 300dpi. It is also considered as one of the very best values for money products in digital ware.

The Best Printer for Office Use – HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 All-in-One Printer 
As one of the most stylish new additions to your office, the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 is yet another piece of perfection from HP. It suit s your office perfectly with it white, yet interesting and bright design and furthermore draws interest to your very creative office space. On top of being the most stylish in its class, it also has a cartridge option which is one of HP’s most affordable, lowest price options in its range. It prints some of the most high-quality copies and furthermore impresses with its versatility in printing, as well as being able to print, copy and scan. It also conserves resources and is adjusted according to a setting that doesn’t waste ink or disrupts the quality of the machine. Specs include an ISO print speed of up to 7.5 ppm, an HP PCL GUI printer driver, a fast 15-second first print page output, a two-cartridge capacity space, as well as a 50 to 200-page volume. It is easily connectable to all desktop and compatible digital devices in a small to medium range office and is most definitely considered one of the very best buys. With HP, without a doubt one of the best buys.

The Best Multi-function Printer – Canon Pixma MG2470 All-in-One Inkjet Printer
From one of the best brands in printer design in the world, Canon brings you the Pixma MG2470 all-in-one multi-functional Inkjet Printer. Whilst we are sure Canon doesn’t compromise on quality, they are a brand that usually offers even more than what their budget range permits and that’s how you know, good-quality printer, As an Inkjet colour printer, scanner and copier, this all-in-one includes features such as a 2.0 USB connectivity range, a maximum printing resolution of 4800 x 600dpi when printing in colour, as well as a 4800 x 600dpi when printing in monochrome. It has a scanner resolution of 1200 x 600dpi and both a black and color 4ipm printing speed. It also has a 60-page input tray, as well as output tray capacity, a Windows XP, all upgrades thereafter, as well as a MAC OSv 10.6.8 and all the upgrades to follow compatibility feature. It is also perfectly compatible with both Canon PG745 black ink and Canon CL746 tricolor cartridges. It supports various different media types. All of which include a letter, A4, Envelope DL and COM10 format. With all its functional and compatibility preferences, the Canon Pixma MG2470 printer is a printer well-suited for its budget range. It offers everything you could possibly need for any setting and will deliver the best results when printing. You could even get creative and print the most interesting cards and on your children/ marketing projects. With its multi-functional printer, it’s safe to say that Canon has it all.

The Verdict in Best Printers

If you’re looking for the best printer regarding home, office, or even just an all-rounder for both, brands such as HP, Canon, Xerox, and Epson has you covered. While there are countless of other brands to choose from, these are the most bought and sought after, high-quality printer manufacturers in India, and some maybe even the world. While a printer might seem like a simple digital piece, or an unnecessary add-on in for instance your house, it allows you the freedom to print those important documents, paperwork and even creative projects any time you like. A printer is thus never an add-on, but the perfect tool for any setting.

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