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If you’re buying headphones and have a budget of Rs 5,000 or less, you’re in luck with finding a grand pair of headphones. Having 5,000 to play around with can get you a pretty decent pair, if not one of the very best sets in India. When buying this impeccable set, be sure to look at its audio quality, ample loudness, its powerful drives and bass response. Let’s get into Best Earphones under 5000 Rupees in India.

Best Earphones under 5000 Rupees in India

Top Best Earphones under 5000 Rupees:

FiiO EX1 – If you’re looking for a set of headphones that is well, music to your ears and is number one according to its price, the FiiO EX1 ranks number one in its range. It has a Kevlar-reinforced cable, as well as a durable audio jack. It also includes a well-constructed duralumin-stainless steel chassis, amplified sound, a worthy to brag about bass performance, all of which exudes a high-crisp, smooth sound. Although its exterior is not that impressive, it’s simple and is top of the range quality headphones which is the most important aspect when it comes to headphones. It is recommended as the best headphone in India.

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Other Best Earphones under 5000 Rupees:

RHA S500i – With a tight sound, delivering an above average audio balance, the RHA S5000i is one of the most preferred earphone sets in India. It has an enjoyable, yet powerful, audio output and fails to disappoint once plugged in. It has a rather sporty-like black and white appearance and will add as the perfect accessory to your current on-the-go style.

Sennheiser HD 429 – Delivering a powerful, clear and crisp sound, this brand new edition from Sennheiser has everything you need when it comes to the top headphones. Although not as small and compact as the rest of the list, if you’re old school, embrace the bigger-like version headphones with pride. The only negative you might have about this pick is its unfolding design and single-button remote.

Audio Technica CKS550iS – With a higher, more powerful bass and sound delivery, this competitor has designed a more bass-oriented set of headphones than the rest. This overall adds to more power output and audio delivery. It is complete with high-frequency changes and a balanced performance.

Meelelectronics M6 Pro – If you’re looking to buy the somewhat referred to ‘full package’, look no further than the Meelelectronics M6 Pro. This interesting pair has an impeccable tonal accuracy, delivers a more superior frequency, high-end sound quality and thrives off taking audio isolation to a whole new level. Its design is of high-quality and comes complete with detachable cables. It is also quite comfortable.

Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE – Adding to the list of impressive picks, the Beyerdynamic MMX version is slightly less expensive than the rest of its competitors. Although that be the case, it most certainly does not lack in quality. It includes in-line controls, as well as a microphone, extremely good-quality sound delivery and is noticeably a perfectly competent set of headphones.

best earphones under 5000

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