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While most earphones are used for the sole purpose of listening to music on either your smartphone, tablet, laptop or whatever digital device it might be, the earphones you have for this mere purpose might not be up to date. Why might that be you ask? Well, there seems to be a trend when buying a phone or any digital device which in addition, includes a rather bad quality pair of headphones. Now, although this might not be for all brands around the globe, not brands like Apple, as in the same instance you actually pay for worthy headphones. Nevertheless, complaining about that bad included pair won’t suffice. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do when buying one of the above mentioned digital devices is buying its accessories too. Rather than spending tons of money on additionals, we’ve compiled a list of affordable, yet great quality headphones to add to your new digital experience. Let’s get into Best Earphones Under 3000 Rupees in India.

The Best Earphones Under 3000 Rupees in India:

The Top Best Earphones Under 3000 Rupees in India:

RHA – S500 U – Looking at built-quality, in comparison to some of its previous high-quality versions, it is an excellent set of headphones that impresses with its highly durable aircraft-grade aluminum design. Its design is furthermore lightweight and has a stylish, yet sleek, look. How do a 3.5mm audio-jack and a Kevler-covered cable braiding sound when being added to its design? Pretty good if it means that the wires are more durable, reduces the regular cable noise and even stays untangled… Yes, we can’t believe it either. With its universal remote, you can now switch songs without having to access your phone. The perfect fit for your new digital device? We think, yes.

best earphones under 3000

Other Best Earphones Under 3000 Rupees in India:

Jays – A-Jays – One – With a rather ordinary bud-style which is amplified by its variety of silicone-set sleeves, this competitive brand makes waves in India with its simplicity paired with an incredible set of specs. These include chords that struggle to get tangled, a smooth treble that is free of any harshness or exterior sound, a high-quality detail orientation and resolution. Unfortunately, this seemingly ‘almost perfect’ pair seem to lack a microphone, which is considered an exceedingly big flaw as earphones all tend to have one. On the contrary to its negative feature, it includes an 18,000Hz frequency response, which might lack from its upgrades, but is still considered quite good for its price.

Sennheiser – CX 3.00 – Exuding decent sound quality and being fairly priced, this brand definitely does not lack in quality. When compared to previous versions, one can see a noticeable improvement with regards to its angled resonator that allows for a better, more stable and comfortable fit in one’s ear. It also has an elliptical, rather than a flat appearance, to add to further comfortability. It has a lightweight, well-vented design, allows for the very best sound quality and is attractive, to say the least. Definitely, a must buy.

Beyerdynamic Byron – As a brand that is considered one of the best buys on the Indian market, Beyerdynamic Byron is one of the brands latest and more affordable editions. It includes an impressive range of specs. All of which has impressive sound quality and as a whole is considered an extremely well-designed digital piece. It adds to the mobile listening experience, is easily controllable and economically engineered as the best fit which includes additional silicone ear tips that allow for further enhancement of your experience.

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