Whilst Indian cooking forms a big part of the Indian culture, it is without doubt one of the most important factors when it comes to the country itself. Food in India, especially the perfect set of spices, are linked to the country’s and cultures history, and furthermore, are best utilized in an Indian kitchen itself. It involves a lot of grilling, frying, masalas and the use of a lot of oil. This culture is famous for their spicy food and deep Indian, Middle Eastern flavours. When taking all of this into consideration, one starts to understand just why a chimney might be necessary for an Indian kitchen. Let’s get in to Best Kitchen Chimney in India.

If you think about a chimney in historic times, it was used as a tool that formed apart of a house. Hence, ever since technology, a revolutionary design culture was moulded and manufactured to be something much more than that. A chimney for your kitchen. One that would assist your kitchen in the most convenient way possible, without the excess hassle and clean up.

What these remarkable, technologically inclined appliances do, prevent grime and dirt on kitchen cabinets, ceiling, your stove, as well as other appliances. Let’s face it, cleaning a kitchen is none other than a hassle. It also seems to be one that not many has time for these days. Thus, the perfect reason to buy a new and improved chimney. One that will not overcrowd your kitchen, but adds to the perfect elegance or modern edge to your home.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India | 2018

The top Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Faber Chimneys

‘Quit smoking the kitchen now’. A slogan so perfectly puts by one of the top chimney manufacturing brands in India, Faber. These perfect additions to your homes, are designed with the best quality and has a lifetime warranty. With that being said, it is assured that Faber won’t let you down. It is the only brand in the world that has three or four suction hoods that, in addition, also scoops out the smoke from the chimney faster. It also has a triple layer filter with a clean and cut technology, as well as grace your kitchen with complete silence. It is also an auto-cleaner and saves you both time and energy.

Best Kitchen Chimney in india

One such edition from Faber, that comes complete with all the benefits of having a remarkable chimney, is the following which is considered one of Faber’s best when it comes to both quality and budget range.

Other Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Faber Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60 Black

While 60 cm big, with a modern black finish, the Faber Hood Tratto Plus BK LTW 60 is one fine addition to your home. It has a one-year comprehensive warranty, along with a 12-year motor and rotor warranty. It includes specs such as a 250 Watt motor, which makes it out to be one powerful machine. It also runs at 230 Volts, is considered an electric appliance and has a free-standing installation.

It also has a suction capacity of a 1000m3/hour and a three-layer baffle filter which allows for easier cleaning to deliver better results. It includes buttons in order to manage its operations, and furthermore have a 2 X 2 LED. It is complete with a perfect black design that will add to the diversity and styling of any home. It also has a sleek black appearance for an even more modern effect. Faber is also recognized as a brand that is the best-selling when it comes to both chimneys and a range of other appliances. People globally even recommend Faber as one of the top brands worldwide.

Elica Chimneys
As the most competitive brand in India and recently recognized as the best-selling, number one brand in the country, Elica has definitely made its mark in the world. While the kitchen, especially in Indian households, is considered the centre of any house and noticed as a place where the family’s come together, it is no doubt that a family-focused brand such as Elica, created a range of the most remarkable chimneys. With many different styles, designs and even a few interesting colours, Elica impresses with much more than the average chimney and for this reason, it seemed quite difficult to establish which is considered the best buy in India. By assessing each and every chimney, we have come to a concluded choice though, one which will most certainly impress you.

Elica Kitchen ESCG BF 60 Nero Chimney 

Considered to be one of Elica’s best chimneys, and the best-selling on platforms such as Amazon, the Nero Chimney impresses with an input power of 230 Watts, an energy efficient LED of 1.5 Watts, baffle filters and the perfect design to suit or add to a stylish kitchen. Its baffle filters also reduce cleaning time and come complete with oil collecting bowels that have to be washed once a month depending on its usage. Other than that, there is no extra effort needed to clean oil collectors.

The entire package includes a chimney, warranty and duct which is replaceable with each chimney. The chimney’s lamps include an energy efficient LED of two 1.5 Watts. It also has push-button controls and an input voltage of 230 Volts/50Hz and a rated motor. The push button panels furthermore enhance the overall look of the chimney, along with its glossy black finish. Its power also efficiency is also one of its best and biggest factors, as it adds to a lower electricity bill.

Kutchina Chimney

As a brand known for their high suction, top filtering chimneys with the best dry auto-clean technology, Kachina’s best feature must be its ability to clean oil that is deposited on your home-ware and kitchen furniture while you cook. With a set of copper motors that lasts a very long time, metal housing and a no-noise feature, the Kutchina chimney is yet another perfect and preferred choice for your home.

Kutchina Milli 3rd Generation Chimney

Along with its extremely low noise level of 52 Db, the Kutchina Milli Chimney also has an illumination setting of 2 x 15 Watts utilized by its incandescent lamp. It has a suction of 700+/ -50 m3/hour and a range of push buttons to navigate the air of the chimney. It also has dimensions of L600 x W500 x H140 and comes complete with a white design, which is somewhat vintage, but still good-looking enough for a standard kitchen. With a low price and fairly good quality within its budget range, Kutchina is a good buy for any home and will most definitely get the job done.

Kaff Chimney

When it comes to the best chimney that exudes both style and quality, the Kaff brand has it down to a tee. The Kaff Chimney brand is committed to offering the best quality at a good budget range to their customers, and in addition, strive to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their products at all cost. They also have a thing for the planet… While that might sound strange, they simply focus on keeping the planet as green as possible, and thus deliver appliances and products, without adding harm to the environment and planet. They also have a uniquely styled range of chimneys, all of which have a somewhat architectural and creative design appeal.

Kaff Chimney – BASE60

As a well-reputable brand with yet another stylish, metallic-like chimney, Kaff brings you the BASE60. A chimney that is very easy to control and comes complete with a lifetime warranty of 12-15 years. Once the chimney is delivered to your home, you can request a team of experts to come to your home from Kaff and install the chimney, as per your convenience. All you have to do is simply provide a model name and address, and you’re good to go, hassle-free. It has a 150 mm air outlet, 700 m3/hour suction capacity, an elegant steel finish, a set of soft-push button controls and an anodised, washable aluminium filter with two 40 Watt lamps.  Although not a self-cleaner, with a lower budget range than most chimneys, it’s still a good buy for its added effort in a once in a while scheduled cleaning.

Glen Chimney

Noticeably considered as one of the best auto cleaners and oil collecting chimneys that makes the entire process of cleaning your kitchen convenient. The range of chimney’s from Glen are designed specifically as oil collectors and furthermore are perfectly structured with special oil drains and filters into a drip tray. These trays are also perfectly designed to be removed and cleaned. It has has a 4th generation technology that has an auto-clean technology. The filters also have the capacity to be heated between 80 degrees to 850 degrees. When heat is added or adjusted, the excess oil deposits is melted and then drained into a collecting up. Chimneys also have LED lighting, controls that allow for cleaning to be made so much easier, with a simple touch of a button, a dynamic airflow system baffle filter and a PDCA housing booster for durability. These features are conveniently included and placed in the perfect design of a chimney.

Glen 60 Chimney

As a powerful, most recommended chimney from Glen and designed for those who like their kitchen to be simple, yet classy, this is a top of the range buy that is a must from this brand. With easy-to-use controller push buttons for easy operation, it is designed to control both the airflow and speed features at which the chimney cleans your kitchen. Its adjustable features are in accordance with the intensity of how much it must clean. Furthermore, who thought getting rid of fumes and kitchen smells this easy, with a mere touch of a button, the chimney removes all odours within a few minutes. This is best achieved when adjusting it to ultimate speed. However, if you’re still busy cooking, feel free to set the speed as low as possible, to gradually get rid of fumes whilst cooking. There is also a range of buttons for the switch on and off of lights.

This chimney also conveniently has a suction power of 750 m3/hour which is more powerful than most chimneys. Its ability to work efficiently and get the job of cleaning done each time is thus much more effective. This is also the reason as to why the Glen chimney is more preferred. Its dimensions are 50 x 60 x 23.5 cm. It has a one-year manufacturing warranty and has an installation option, which upon delivery, one must contact Glen for either a demo or installation at your home. Reaching almost half the selling price in comparison to other brands, it is no wonder that Glen is considered one of the best-selling brands, whilst still keeping its optimal quality status.

Hindware Chimneys

Along with its elegant work of art, the Hindware Chimney exudes everything feature-wise, as well as appearance-wise. It has some of the most stylish kitchen hoods. Whether you’d like an edgier look or a decorative, aesthetic-like design to add to your home, the Hindware chimney brand has a range of interesting choices to choose from.

Hindware Cleo 600/900mm Chimney

Rated as one of the best Hindware chimneys, as well as one of the highest rated in comparison to other brands, the Cleo chimney has a perfect, creative and architectural design to furthermore add to your kitchen and home. It has a baffle filter, a colour finish that is unique when compared to other brands, a silver Inox brush, a 1200 m3 per hour suction capacity and a voltage speed of 220 to 240 Volts/50Hz. It has a 3-level touch control speed which is complete with a 180 Watt motor. In addition to its impressive features and powerful motor, it also has a noise level of a mere 58dba, which makes it even an even more perfect addition to your home.

Rated as one of the best additions to not only its brand but on the Indian market for the best kitchen chimney in India, it is no doubt as to why its price is a lot higher than its competitors. Hence, if you are looking for something with a bit more power its price is definitely worth paying for.

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