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When it comes to purchasing a gas stove, it is considered a must for every Indian kitchen in all of India. Why is this you may ask? Well, quite simple. It is much easier to cook with a gas stove, as it is smaller, more convenient, takes up less electricity and furthermore, allows you to cook with almost any utensil you can think of perfectly. It is also much cheaper than induction and electric cooktops. The flame of the heat can also simply be switched on and off, higher or lower, with the turn of a knob. The number one biggest bonus must be that it can still cook without electricity. Even more so, it is just a good appliance to have in your kitchen and allows you the freedom to whip something up quickly, without hassle. Let’s get into Best Gas Stove Brands in India.

The Best Gas Stove Brands in India | 2018

The Top Best Gas Stove Brands in India

Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner Gas Stove – Also known as the best 2-burner gas stove in India, along with a modern design for your home, the Sunflame gas stove is an appliance that includes manual gas ignition. With its brushed matte finish and stainless steel appearance, it furthermore has a set of Euro coated pan supports. It also has two high-efficiency brass burners which are 85mm x 85mm. It also has a toughened type of glass cooktop, stainless steel drip trays and lastly, is supported by a two-year warranty from Sunflame. Definitely a quality-worthy appliance.

Other Best Gas Stove Brands in India

Pigeon Ultra Glass SS Manual Gas Stove – With a total of 4 burners, the Pigeon Ultra gas stove serves as a perfect appliance to your kitchen. It has thermal efficient brass burners, a manual gas ignition, its body material is both glass and stainless steel which allows for optimal safety and gain. It also has bakelite rotatory knobs and a high-grade aluminium mixing tube. The perfect addition to your home. Good enough to even serve as a space-saving, more convenient replacement for a regular standard stove. Especially when you don’t have space for heavy appliances.

Prestigious Royal Plus Aluminium 3 burner Gas Stove – Recognized as the best three-burner gas stove in India, the Prestigious Royal Plus is a tough competitor amongst other brands. It has a manual gas ignition, the glass is highly durable and has bee manufactured and designed by German Engineers, for optimal safety. The valves of this gas stove are also imported from Italy and are some of the highest quality valves you could ever imagine. It assists in efficient and effective cooking. It furthermore as a TRI-PIN brass burner that ensures uniform heating and also, consumes less gas. It thus also has a faster cooking time. Who wouldn’t want that? Convenience at its best.

Prestigious Marvel Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove – As another brilliant version from Prestigious Marvel, the Glass 2 Burner gas stove impresses with a manual ignition, its two high-efficiency tri-pin burners, ergonomically designed knobs, a shattered proof glass that is extremely tough and durable and also allows for cleaning convenience. It additionally has pan support for Tandor cooking and has spill trays that help keep the cooktop clean.

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