Saturday, March 25, 2017

Famine in South Sudan

Recently, it has been reported that South Sudan is already in need of help. Famine is already at an alarming level. According to reports, 4.9 million people need urgent help. It is the first UN declared famine since 2011.

Among the number of problems faced by the country is a collapsing economy, civil wars, and refugee crisis are among the things that contributed to the problem.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN is already alarmed by the situation stating that their worst fear already materialized.

Pro-Wall Street?

One of the reasons why Trump became president is due to Clinton’s ties with Wall Street people. However, it is important to note that Trump’s cabinet members have known ties with same people he criticized during the campaign period.

Could it be that Trump’s businessman side is already showing this early in his presidency? Could it be that Trump is simply securing his investments in the US and abroad? Though these are all speculations at this point, it can be a possibility.

It is still too early to say if Trump’s presidency is a disaster or not. It could be a trend that he will continue with his volatile Tweets, not to mention refute hard based facts with his own personal beliefs. But will the US economy grow under Trump presidency? So far, the dollar is becoming strong against other economies with the things that he is currently doing.

However, does he have an agenda? Considering he is a businessman, is he going to simply protect his interest for the entire four years of the US presidency?


Trump has expressed negative views regarding immigrants and refugees. This is also the reason why Trump rallies typically consist of racists. US is known for being a multi-cultural population. However, it also has its own dark history when it comes to racism. Could racial tensions rise during the term of President Trump? Could it be possible that the US is going to impose stricter immigration laws?

According to economists, Trump’s negative outlook on immigrants may produce problems for the US economy. For starters, there’s a 17% drop in the number of searches for US flights after the US declared a travel ban on certain countries. It bounced back slightly after the ban has been lifted, but is still down compared to previous data.

Against Outsourcing

Free trade agreements made the world a “global village”. With fewer restrictions on trade, companies were able to produce products for less by taking labor off shore. During the presidential campaign, Trump announced that he plans to keep labor in US territory. He first targeted companies like Carrier in order to make sure that jobs stay in the US. Though it is still possible to outsource labor in Mexico and other countries that offer lower wages, Trump imposed tariffs that make importing of finished goods back to the US expensive.

Is this a good or a bad thing? For workers based in the US, this sounds like good news. There were unions that even showed their support to Trump. But if you will look closely, this could potentially create a backlash considering the fact that it means a higher price that becomes costly to consumers.

Also, will businesses be able to hire the same number of workers in the US when it means higher cost for them, as well.

A Look at Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump managed to win the presidential election even though he has no political experience whatsoever. The campaign that led to Trump’s presidency is already amazing. Though still in the beginning of his presidency, his nature has already created a number of good and bad things for the US and other parts of the world. Let’s take a closer look at Trump’s presidency.

Better business, better world

It is true that we are living in tough times. Job opportunity today may no longer be as abundant as it was 50 years ago. These days, a simple automation could remove thousands of people from their jobs. One of the things that everyone should be aware of is how to start their own business. Having your own business means that you create employment.

By having your own business, this could mean financial stability. This means that you can get compensation that is higher than your income if you worked 8 hours. But of course, this can also be a risk. There is always a chance that you can either succeed or fail if you have a business.

NASA to Host News Conference on Discovery Beyond Our Solar System

There are a lot of discoveries that we get from NASA these days. For instance, they are again looking to make Pluto a planet again. However, what intrigues a lot of people today is  the news that NASA discovered a number of things beyond our solar system.

What exactly could it be? According to NASA, they are going to announce discoveries of exoplanets. These are planets that orbit other stars. Could it be that NASA found life outside our own planet? We all have to wait and see what they have discovered this time around.

Studies Finds Nostalgia could help smokers quit

A lot of people suffer from cancer yearly. One of the culprits that you can blame is smoking. Though a lot of people no longer smoke these days, it still remains as a health threat. In a recent study, it has been discovered that nostalgia can actually help people to quit smoking. Does this mean that throwback Thursday is actually a good thing?

According to the findings of this study, nostalgic emotions have associated negative behavior towards smoking. The more personal memories are used in order to get someone to quit smoking. It has been noted as well that it is even more effective on women.



Trump has expressed negative views regarding immigrants and refugees. This is also the reason why Trump rallies typically consist of racists. US is known...

A Look at Trump’s Presidency

Against Outsourcing

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