Monday, November 22, 2021

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Antitrust director to force Dankner to sell telecommunications holdings

Demand is a condition for IDB acquisition of Bezeq. Strum: Dankner must resign from Cellcom Nochi Dankner will be required to sell his holdings in...


Swallowing a fly

Sharon has turned Shinui from roaring lions to purring kittens, willing to sit with UTJ. This may sound a little strange, but Shas, the party that is hardly being considered in the coalition negotiations, is actually the greatest influencing factor in coalition developments. There is...

A secular government

Israel wants and needs a strong secular government that can implement the disengagement plan. The government is falling apart and the prime minister is silent. Since the threat on the Likud party – that if its members will not vote for the goverment during the...

The myth of Jewish power

America’s supports Israel not because of the “Jewish vote”, since most Jews vote Democratic, but because of common, conservative values. A frequently-heard Israeli myth states that the United States supports Israel because of power of American Jewry. For example, speaking to the Jerusalem Post last...

The Temple Mount is in our hands?

The asymmetry between the seriousness with which Moslems relate to al-Aqsa and our disregard for holy places shows the desire for the national homeland to be a wild dream. During recent years, experts have been telling us how pragmatic and content with a minimum, Zionist...
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